Adding / Editing User Profile Field Categories 
User Profile Field Categories are used to organize the custom profile fields you can create for your users and their profiles. You can add or edit them at any time. In order to get to the User Profile Field Categories form, follow this path: User Profile Fields > User Profile Field Categories.

If you want to add a new category, click on the Add New Profile Field Category at the bottom of the page.

If you want to edit an existing category, click on the Edit link to the left of the category you want to edit.

Both options will open a form similar to the one above. The edit version will have the fields filled out, while the add version will have empty fields.

This is the title of the category.

When inserting a custom phrase, you may also specify the translations into whatever languages you have installed.If you do leave a translation box blank, it will inherit the text from the 'Text to insert' box. You may customize the translations further at any time.

This is the description for your category.

Location on Profile Page
Use this control to specify whereabouts on a users' profile pages you would like this profile field category to appear.

There are several options, some of which will cause the information to appear as a tab, and other will display the information as a block in the column next to the tabs.

Display Order
This option controls where the category will appear relative to other categories when listed. A category with a higher display order number will appear after or below a lower number.

Allow User Privacy Options
This option controls whether the category will appear in the 'Customize Profile' page, allowing users to select whether to hide or display the category's profile block to other users.
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