Modifying Existing Custom Profile Fields 
To modify, edit and manage existing profile fields on the User Profile form, click on the following to your left: User Profile Fields->User Profile Field Manager.

User Profile Field Manager

The User Profile Field Manager panel allows you to manage and modify existing profile fields on the User Profile form.

The table displays the Title, Options, Name, Display Order and links to modify the fields in the User Profile form.Editing User Profile Fields

There are a couple points that you must consider when modifying an existing profile field.

The first is that profile fields are limited in what other field types that they can be converted to.No other conversions are supported.

Secondly, a special form is required when modifying the user choices in the Multiple-Selection Checkbox and Multiple-Selection Menu fields. If you wish to add, delete or change the order of the available options, click the Modify button in the Fields field of the form. It will display the following screen:

To move an item up in the list, press the up arrow to the left of the item and to move an item down press the down arrow to the left of the item.

To rename an item, click the Rename link to the right of the item. To delete an item, click the Delete link.

Use the Add form to add a new item. To add a new choice to the list, enter the name of the choice in the Name field. You can set the position of the item using the Position dropdown menu. Click the Add New Option button to save the item to the list or click the Reset button to clear the form.
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