User Profile Field Categories 
User Profile Field Categories are used to organize the custom profile fields you can create for your users and their profiles. In order to get to the User Profile Field Categories form, follow this path: User Profile Fields > User Profile Field Categories.

If there are no User Profile Field Categories, this screen will display:

Otherwise, the screen you arrive on will look like this:

This identifies the sequence in which the category was created.

This is the title of the created category. The italic text beneath is the entered description.

Contains (x) fields
This is how many custom fields have been organized into this category.

Display Order
This is the display order of the category in the User Profile Field Manager.

This link opens the edit page for a selected category.

This link starts the delete process for a selected category.

Save Display Order
This saves any changes made to the display order of the categories.

Add View Profile Field Category
This link opens the form you need to create new categories.
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