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Feature Comparison

vBulletin 6
Forums, Articles, Blogs, Groups
Posts, Photo Albums, Links, Polls
Usergroups Based Permissions
Responsive Design
Site Builder
Quick Setup Feature
Built In Ad Locations
Paid Subscriptions
Support for Google Analytics
Custom Smilies
Multiple Language Support
Custom User Profile Fields
File Attachments
Human Verification System
Likes System
Style Variables Access
Multiple Built-In Themes
Can Import 3rd Party Styles
Direct access to Templates
Additional CSS Only
Can Use 3rd Party Addons
Outgoing RSS Feeds
Incoming RSS Feeds
SMTP Email Support
Automatic Backups
Automatic Upgrades
Ticket Support
30 days
Varies by plan
Forum Support

Note – The above is not a comprehensive list of differences, but are the most likely differences you will notice. In general vBCloud has all features of vBulletin 6 except those that could pose a danger to overall system security.

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