Spam Management 
Path to Spam Management options: Settings > Options > Spam Management
You must click Save for changes to take effect.

Anti-Spam Service (default: Disable Scanning)
Controls the service that is used for scanning supported data. You must enter the corresponding API key for the service (either Akismet or Typepad Anti-spam).

vBulletin Anti-Spam Key
Enter a vBulletin Anti-Spam service key (which you obtain from the service selected in the Anti-Spam Service option) to enable scanning of user data where supported.

Spam Scanning Post Threshold (default: 0)
This setting controls how many of a user's posts are scanned by the Anti-Spam Service. Once a user's post count exceeds this threshold, his or her posts are not scanned for spam content.

To always scan posts set this value to 0.

Anti-Spam Data Storage Length (Days) (default: 7)
Whenever a post is made, extra anti-spam data is stored. This allows details about false positives and false negatives to be submitted to the chosen anti-spam system to improve it.

This value specifies the length of time (in days) for which this data is stored.
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