Poll and Topic Rating Options 
The path to the Poll and Thread Rating Options is: Settings > Options > Poll and Thread Rating Options. The options controls and limits what your users can do with polls.

Maximum Poll Options
This is the maximum number of options a user can select for the poll. Setting this option to 0 to allow any number of options.

Poll Option Length
Maximum characters that a poll option can be.

Update Thread Last Post on Poll Vote (Yes/No)
If you set this option to 'Yes' the thread's last post time will be updated when a vote is placed, thereby returning it to the top of its parent forum listing.
This option can cause confusion. The last post time of a thread will be changed with no visible post.
Required Thread Rating Votes to Show Rating
Thread ratings are relatively inaccurate with just a few votes. This setting can be used to delay the results until enough votes have been cast to give a more accurate rating. This option specifies the number of thread rating votes that must be cast of a particular thread before the current rating is displayed on forumdisplay.php and showthread.php.

Allow Thread Rating Vote Changes (Yes/No)
This allows users to change their original rating of a thread.
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