What's New in vBulletin. 
vBulletin has been designed to bring you modern community building and ease of use.

Site Builder
One of the best new features of vBulletin is Site Builder. Site Builder is a new way to build and manage your sites. It features drag and drop technology to enable you to build custom pages that fit your needs quickly and easily. Site Builder also includes a Style Generator so you can quickly and easily create a new styles with custom color combinations.

Everything is Content
In vBulletin, we’ve developed an idea that everything is content. This is built around a new content model involving channels, nodes and the actual content. In this model everything works the same, everything is searchable and everything provides a modern input system. Adding new content should be more intuitive for your users.

New Search
The Search Engine architecture has also been reconfigured so that all content is easily searched. Rewritten from the ground up, the new search engine should provide more relevant details and accurate results.

MVC Architecture
vBulletin introduces a new MVC Architecture designed to separate the business logic from the presentation logic more than ever before. This will allow vBulletin to be quickly and easily extended as we bring new features to the software.

Responsive Design
People are using devices of many different sizes these days. These include phones, tablets and ultra-high density monitors. We’ve included a responsive design in vBulletin that scales to the device being used. No more worrying about mobile styles and trying to configure things for multiple devices. vBulletin adjusts to the screen-size of the user’s device automatically.

Expanded API
The API of vBulletin has been expanded. Not only can mobile apps take advantage of the API, the web interface of vBulletin uses it for its own purposes as well. This provides a more structured design and the ability to code everything once regardless of how it is accessed.
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