User Groups and Permissions 
Do you want to set up a private forum that can only be viewed by your moderators? Would you like all users to have to register in order to view your bulletin board forums? Would you like to give two users access to a private forum?

It's possible to accomplish all of these tasks by harnessing the power of vBulletin's user groups and permissions system!

What is a User Group?

A user group is just what it sounds - a group of users. By default, the vBulletin software includes the following user groups:In order to control user's access to your bulletin board, each group has a comprehensive set of options that influence exactly what a member of the group has permission to view/do on your bulletin board. For example, a user that belongs to the "Registered" user group has permission to view the board and post messages, but he/she can't access the control panel or post public events on the vBulletin calendar.

95% of all permissions-based configuration will be dealt with by editing the existing seven standard user groups. By editing a user group option, you can change the permissions for a particular set of users across the whole bulletin board. If you would like to alter a user groups options for a particular forum only, you can set up custom forum permissions. Let's take a look at three practical scenarios:

1. Jack would like to force all users to register for the bulletin board before they can view the forums.

In this case, Jack would need to turn off the can view board option for all user groups apart from Registered, Moderators and Administrators.

2. Jill would like to set up a private forum for administrators only.

Since these permissions changes affect just a single forum (not all forums), Jill can accomplish this configuration by turning off the can view forum and can post new threads options (for this forum only) for all user groups apart from the Administrators.

Now we've dealt with the theory behind setting up permissions on your vBulletin forums, let's take a look at the admin control panel options.
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