Editing Style Settings 
If you decide at any time that you need to rename a style, alter its display order or perhaps even change its parent/inheritance arrangement, you will need to select Edit Settings from the style options menu for the style you want to edit.

This will load the Edit Style Settings interface, which appears almost identical to the Add New Style form previously described.

Using this form you can easily rename the selected style, change its display order or change the ability of users to choose this style.
If you choose to change the parent style, you should bear in mind the changes to your styles that this alteration will make.

For example, if we were to change the parent of the 'Red' style to 'No Parent', any templates, CSS or StyleVars currently being inherited from the 'Custom Header / Footer' style would no longer be inherited. In practice, this would mean that the customized header and footer templates defined by the 'Custom Header / Footer' style would no longer be used by the 'Red' style.

Consider changes such as this before changing the parent of an existing style.
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