Creating New Styles 
To create a new style, click the [Add New Style] link underneath the main body of the Style Manager.

This will bring up the Add New Style interface.

The controls on this form are as follows:
Parent StyleThis menu controls the way that this new style will inherit attributes from other styles that you may have defined.

For a complete discussion of vBulletin 3 style inheritance principles, see Style Inheritance.
TitleHere you should enter the name you have chosen for your new style
Allow User SelectionThis Yes/No choice corresponds to the checkbox next to each style on the main Style Manager interface, and affects whether or not your visitors will be able to use this style to view the board.
Display OrderThis text box expects you to enter a whole number (0, 15, 99, 1007 etc) to affect the position at which this style will appear in any style lists. It corresponds to the display order text box on the main Style Manager interface.
When you have filled in the forum, hit the [Save] and you will be returned to the Style Manager, where your new style will be shown.

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