Links CSS 
The style of hyperlinks that are located within an element using a particular CSS class are controlled by the nine Links CSS fields.

You will notice that the same three fields are repeated across three groups, entitled Normal Links, Visited Links and Hover Links. These three groups refer to the state of individual hyperlinks, and that state is defined by visitors to your site.Each group of settings has three fields:

The Background field corresponds to the background CSS property, and should be used in the same way as the main background field found in each CSS class.

The Font Color field corresponds to the color CSS attribute, and will accept any color value, in the same way as the main font color field.

The Text Decoration field corresponds to the text-decoration CSS property. Normal practice is to use a value of none or underline here (to specify whether or not links should be underlined), but the field will accept any combination of the following:
By default, the vast majority of web browsers will underline hyperlinks. To avoid this, specify none as the Text Decoration value for Normal and Visited links.

If you do this, it is important to distinguish links from plain text to your visitors. This is often done by having links change color when the mouse pointer is over them, and is achieved by simply specifying different values in the Font Color fields for Normal and Hover links.
User Contributed Notes: Links CSS