How to Edit a Page 
There are times that you’ll want to either change the settings for the modules, or move them around, or even remove them totally. Doing this is simple. First (as always) make sure that the Edit Site function is turned on.

When the menu bar appears along the top of your webpage, click on the [Edit Page] button. A form, very similar to the New Page form, will open. At this point, you can change the settings, move things around, or even remove modules. Once you’re done making the changes you want to make, click on the [Save Page] button. It will take you to a confirmation screen.

From here, you can choose to save the changes as a new template or save over the existing template. If you chose to save over the existing template, it will also change any other page that was using the template as well.

The form, will by default, overwrite the existing template with the changes you made. In order to keep this from happening, you need to select the “No” radio button to the right of the Overwrite Template? question. When you do that, a field asking for a template name will appear. Now, name your template!

Regardless of which choice you make, click [Ok] to confirm the changes.
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