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Path to General Settings: Settings > Options > General Settings

These options allow you to set meta tags and descriptions, set options for Quick Navigation, enable access masks, and other similar functions.
You must click Save for changes to take effect.

Meta Keywords
Enter the meta keywords for all pages. These keywords are used by some search engines to index your pages with more relevance. Other search engines such as Google do not take keywords into account.

All keywords you enter here will be put in the keywords meta tag in the header of every page. Separate keywords or phrases with a single comma and no space.

Example: vbulletin,forum,bbs,discussion,jelsoft,bulletin board

Meta Description
Enter the meta description for all pages. These keywords are used by some search engines to index your pages more with more relevance. Other search engines such as Google do not take descriptions into account.

The short description of your site that you enter here is placed in the meta description tag in the header of every page. Most search engines accept a maximum of 255 characters for the description.

Example: This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To find out about vBulletin, go to

Use Quick Navigation Menu
The Quick Navigation menu appears by default on most pages and provides a quick jump to any of the forums on your site as well as to several other places on your site (for example, search and private messaging). While it can have a marginal impact on performance, typically you will only want to disable this if you have an extremely large number of forums, in which case a large amount of HTML will be generated that will increase the size of pages and bandwidth usage.

Number of Pages Visible in Page Navigator
On thread and forum pages, as well as private messaging lists and some other places, if there are multiple page number links to be displayed, this setting determines how many are shown on either side of the page currently being viewed.
Setting this to 0 causes all page links to be displayed.

Example: 3

Relative Jumps for Page Navigator
If a thread or forum requires multiple pages to be displayed, this option selects what pages can be jumped to relative to the current one. For example, by adding 10 to the list, links will appear for current page -10 and current page +10.

Example: 10 50 100 500 1000

Enable Access Masks
Access masks allow you to enable or disable access to a particular forum for individual user(s). To use access masks, enable this option. This option also affects whether or not users will be able to see forums they do not have access to on forumhome and forumdisplay.

If this functionality is off, users see users they are prevented from accessing forum listings but not be able to enter them. If this functionality is on, users will not see those forums at all.)

Add Template Name in HTML Comments
Setting this to Yes adds the template name at the beginning and end of every template rendered on any page. This is useful for debugging and analyzing the HTML code, but it should be turned it off to save bandwidth when running in a production environment.

When you are modifying templates, it is often helpful to have this setting enabled so you can view the source of a page to determine which template(s) control it. In the course of normal usage, however, you will usually want this disabled because it increases your page sizes and therefore bandwidth usage.

Use Login "Strikes" System
Setting this to No disables the system that prevents a user (with a specific IP address) from logging in to an account after entering an incorrect password 5 times.

After the first failed login attempt, the user receives the following message:

You have used 1 out of 5 login attempts. After all 5 have been used, you will be unable to log in for 15 minutes.

After the fifth failed login attempt, the user receives the following message:

Wrong username or password. You have used up your failed login quota! Please wait 15 minutes before trying again. Don't forget that the password is case sensitive.

After the fifth failed attempt, the user is locked out for fifteen minutes and and email will be sent to the email address associated with the account alerting them about the login failure.

Enable Forum Leaders
Forum Leaders is a listing of your important user groups. The display of forum Moderators on this page is controlled with this option; the display of other groups is controlled via the usergroup manager.

Post Referrer Whitelist
For security purposes, vBulletin allows data to be submitted via post only from within the site’s domain. If you are submitting post requests from a different domain or subdomain, you must add them here.

For example, if you have multiple sites that tie into this site or if you have vB-integrated hacks that POST data externally, then you may want to put those referrers on the whitelist.

Enter domains in the form of ‘’ (including the leading dot). Separate multiple domains with line breaks.

Thread/Forum Read Marking Type
This option controls how threads and forums are marked as read.Database Read Marking Limit
The amount of time in days to store the thread and forum read times. All threads or forums without posts in this many days are considered read.

With Database Read Marking, the unread markers on threads and forums are persistent across forum sessions. If a user does not read a thread that is marked as unread, then that thread will remain unread every time the user visits the forum.

This setting allows you to force unread markers to switch to "read" after so many days (for example, 10). This would be the amount of time after which the user probably has no interest in reading that thread and therefore does not need to know that it contains unread posts.

Disable AJAX Features
AJAX uses JavaScript and other browser functionality to allow additional data to be retrieved without doing a page refresh, such as posting with quick reply or editing a thread title inline.

Due to the nature of AJAX, some functions may not work fully with non-Latin languages without additional modules, such as IconV. For example, AJAX-based quick reply may work correctly on your site, but thread subscription emails do not display correctly. If something like this occurs for you, you should select "Disable Problematic AJAX Features".

Enable Inline Moderation Authentication
Inline moderation actions require a user to re-authenticate prior to being performed. The timeout is based on the admin control panel timeout, or one hour if that option is disabled.
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