Site Name / URL / Contact Details 
Path to Site Name / URL / Contact Details: Settings > Options Settings > Site Name / URL / Contact Details.

After a fresh installation or upgrade, or a server or site move, be sure to check the following options and reset them if necessary.
You must click Save for changes to take effect.

Forum Name
Name of your forum site, which appears in the title of every page.

Forum URL
URL of your forum site. Do not add a trailing slash (/) in the name.

Homepage Name
Name of your home page, which appears at the bottom of every page.

Homepage URL
URL of your home page.

Contact Us Link
Link for contacting the site administrator, which appears at the bottom of every page. To use the built-in email form, specify sendmessage.php; otherwise use something like mailto:[email protected] or your own custom form.

Allow Unregistered Users to use 'Contact Us' (Yes/No)
This option applies only if you specify sendmessage.php in the Contact Us Link option. To require guests to pass Human Verification in order to use this form, enable the option found in the Human Verification Options.

Contact Us Options
You can predefine subjects (and corresponding recipients) for users to pick from when using the default Contact Us form. Include one subject per line. An Other option is automatically added to the end when the form is viewed.

Each subject must be placed one per line, meaning that you need to enter a carriage return between subject (press <Enter>). If you wish to direct the email from a subject to a particular user, you can either specify the user's userid on the forum or their email address. You do this by placing the item in brackets at the start of the subject.

{1} Site Feedback
{[email protected]} Help

Feedback sent to the first option "Site Feedback" would be directed to the email address of Userid #1. Feedback sent to the second option "Help" would be directed to the email address "[email protected]". Feedback sent to the third option "Registration" would be directed to the Webmaster's email address.

Webmaster's Email
Email address of the webmaster. This can be different than the technical contact listed in the includes/config.php. The webmaster receives all emails from vBulletin itself except for database errors.

Contact Us Email
Default email address for emails sent from the Contact Us page. If you leave this option empty, the webmaster's email is used.

Copyright Text
Copyright text to insert in the footer of the page.

Company Name
The name of your company. This is required for COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance.

Company Fax
The fax number for your company. COPPA forms are faxed to this number.

Company Address
The address of your company. COPPA forms are posted to this address.
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