Modifying User Ranks 
You can modify user ranks anytime after creating them. To do so, use the following path: User Ranks->User Rank Manager and then click on the Edit link to the right of the rank you wish to modify.

Number of Times to Repeat Rank
This generally applies to ranks that are images. This is the number of time the image will be repeated. If you wanted 4 stars to appear, you would either create an image of 4 stars and set this to 1 or you would create an image of 1 star and set this to 4.

This is the usergroup that this rank applies to. If you want it to apply to all groups then leave it set to All Usergroups
When this is set to All Usergroups, Display Type controls an important feature. If Display Type is set to 'always', then this rank will display for every user, no matter what other ranks you may have defined for their usergroups. When set to 'if displaygroup = this group', then this rank will only display if the user has no other ranks explicitly defined for their usergroup. You use this setup to create a generic rank for everyone but keep it from displaying for other groups that have a special rank (Admin, Moderator, etc)
Minimum Posts
This is the minimum number of posts that the user must have to obtain this rank. If you set this to 20 and then create a second rank for the same usergroup that had a minimum posts of 30 then this rank would be shown only for users in this usergroup that have from 20 to 29 posts.

Stack Rank (Yes/No)
This allows you to control how ranks are displayed in case a user has multiple ranks displayed. If you set this to yes, this rank will be displayed on its own line. If you set this to no, this rank will follow the previous rank on the same line.

Display Type
This option controls who the rank will be shown for. If you select 'always', the rank will be displayed for any user that has this user group as a primary or secondary group. If you select 'if displaygroup = this group', then this rank will only be shown if the user is currently being identified as this group. If you are not using multiple-group membership, this option does not have any effect.
Remember, the rank will apply to the users Primary Usergroup unless the user has chosen to be identified by a Secondary Usergroup through Public Groups.
User Rank File Path
This is the file path to the image you wish to use. It is relative to your forum directory, i.e. images/smilies/biggrin.gif.

OR you may enter text
If you wish to use text instead of an image, you would put in this field.

To modify an existing rank, press Edit to the right of the rank in the User Rank Manager. Editing a User Rank presents you with the same options as adding a new rank.

To remove a rank, select the Delete option to the right of the user rank in the User Rank Manager.
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