An Introduction to User Ranks 
User ranks are images or text that are assigned to your users based on their post count. The most common usage of ranks is that of stars that increase or change color based on the user's post count and usergroup.

User's ranks generally appear beneath their username on posts, private messages, announcements, usernotes and in their profile.

Ranks can be assigned to specific usergroups or they can be assigned to cover all groups who don't have a rank specifically assigned to them.

As of vBulletin 3.5, it is possible for a user to display multiple ranks by being a member of multiple user groups, each with specific ranks. vBulletin 3.0 only allowed a single set of ranks to be displayed for a user. This is covered in more detail when editing a rank is discussed.

Navigate to User Ranks > User Rank Manager to view your current ranks. If you have none set up, you will only see the small notice that defines user ranks.

The figure above demonstrates a simple rank scheme. In this setup, members of the Administrator group who have at least 1 post would have the rank of three smilies. Since we have also set up a rank to cover All Usergroups, all members, including the Administrator group, with at least 10 posts would have a rank of .::Newbie::..

To add a new rank, navigate to User Ranks > Add New User Rank.
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