Permission Duplicating Tools 
Path to Permission Duplication Tools: User Groups > Channel Permissions, then click on Permission Duplication Tools.

This page allows you to duplicate existing permissions, either by usergroup or by channel. This expedites setting up a usergroup or channel that is similar to an existing one.

The usergroup-based permission duplicator copies permissions from a usergroup into one or more other usergroups you select. You can limit this to specific channels with the Only Copy Permissions from channel option.

To prevent accidental overwriting, use the Overwrite Duplicate Entries and Overwrite Inherited Entries settings. Overwrite Duplicate Entries prevents you from overwriting an existing permissions set for a channel (the entries are in red) for one of the usergroups you are copying to. Overwrite Inherited Entries is similar, except that it refers to cases where permissions aren’t directly specified for a channel, but rather a parent channel (the entries are in orange).

Click the Go button to execute the permission copy.

Click the Reset button to clear any checkboxes you have checked.

The channel-based permission duplicator works in a similar fashion, except that it copies all permissions in one channel to one or more selected channels. Overwrite Duplicate Entries and Overwrite Inherited Entries behave the same way.
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