1Log in to the WorldPay CMS

You should now be presented with a screen containing the following:

2Click Configuration Options next to the Installation which has (Select Junior). This will lead you to the configuration screen which should look like the following:

3Enter the following URL in the 'Callback URL' field:
4Check the 'Callback enabled?' checkbox.
5Within the 'Callback password' field enter an appropriately secure password, this will be used for verifying transactions.

Click [Save Changes]
6Go to Paid Subscriptions > Payment API Manager > Worldpay in your vBulletin AdminCP where you will be presented with the following screen:

7Enter your Installation ID that was displayed in the initial login to the WorldPay CMS and the password you setup within the CMS in the relevant fields on this page.
8To activate WorldPay payments in your forum, change the Active setting to Yes
WorldPay does NOT support recurring payments.
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