Orphan Phrases 
Path to Search for Orphaned Phrases: Languages & Phrases > Phrase Manager and click on the [Find Orphan Phrases] at the bottom of the screen.

Orphan phrases are phrases that exist in the database but do not have a default value in the Master Language or the Custom Master Language. This is most commonly caused by phrases becoming obsolete and being removed by an upgrade. In most cases, these phrases are no longer used. If you need to edit or delete these phrases, you need to search for orphan phrases as described above.

The Find Orphan Phrases screen looks like the following.

<<<Insert a screenshot of the Find Orphan Phrases screen.>>>

If you have no orphan phrases, you get the following message: No Phrases Matched Your Query.

If you do have orphan phrases they are listed, and you are given the option to Keep or Delete each one individually or [Keep All] or [Delete All].
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