Adding or Editing Phrase 
Path to Adding or Editing a Phrase:Languages & Phrases > Phrase Manager

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To edit an existing phrase, click the Edit button to the right of it.

To delete an existing phrase, click the Delete button to the right of it.

To add a new phrase, click the Add New Phrase button. This takes you to a Phrase Manager screen where you can add the phrase.


Insert into MASTER LANGUAGE (Yes/No)
Whether or not to add the phrase to the Master Language. This is a developer option.

Select the language from this pulldown list.

Phrase Type
Type of this phrase. It will be loaded only by pages that load that type.

Variable name of the phrase that will be used to identify the phrase in code. You can only use a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ in the name.

Default phrase text string. Within the string you can use {1}, {2}, etc to represent substitution variable parts of a phrase.
When editing an existing phrase, the options listed above may not be available. You must delete and re-add the phrase and translations to change these values.
Below this is a text area for each language on the site. Here you can create any translations necessary. If you leave the box blank, the value from the Text box will be used.
To delete a translation, remove the text in the translation box.
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