Managing Languages 
Path to Managing Languages: Languages & Phrases > Language Manager.

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This screen lists all languages you have installed. Next to each language is a link for phrase-editing, as well as links to modify the language settings and download the language as an XML file.

Clicking on Edit / Translate allows you to edit the translation for phrases.

Edit Settings allows you to edit the settings of the language.

Delete removes the language from your vBulletin site.

Download lets you download a language set as an XML file, which consists of all phrases you have translated for that language. You can distribute this to other vBulletin owners.

The Set Default button allows you to set a language as the default for your site. The default language is shown to registered users who did not select a language at registration, and to unregistered users or those who are not logged in.

After the language list section there are links that let you search for phrases, view a language quickref, or rebuild all languages.

At the bottom of the screen are buttons to add a new language and download or upload existing language sets.
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