Translating a Language 
Path to Translating a Language: Languages & Phrases > Language Manager, then click [Edit / Translate <language name> Phrases].

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The Translate Phrases page contains a list of phrase names and values for the language. It is the first in a series of phrase group pages. The column on the left is the phrase variable name column (Varname), and on the right in the Text column are the default phrase string values (top) and the translated string values (bottom). If a phrase has not been translated yet, both values are the same.

Once you have translated a page, click the [Save] button. Any phrases that have changed will be saved and used in this language. To do a complete translation, repeat this process for every phrase group page in the language.

There are various ways you can navigate through the phrase translation pages. You can select phrase types from the pulldown list on the top of the page. You can select a page number from the pulldown list at the top, and on the bottom of each page of phrase translation are buttons that will take you to a particular page in the set of phrase translation pages. You can also use the Prev and Next buttons to move between pages. The View Quickref button displays the currently selected phrase types in a popup window.
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