Downloading and Uploading Languages 
Path to Download / Upload Languages: Languages & Phrases > Download / Upload Languages.

In vBulletin you can download (export) and upload (import) languages like you do styles. This capability allows you to share your translations with others or use existing translations to save you time.

The download/upload functionality is part of the Language Manager. There are two forms: Download, and Import Language XML File.

Download Options
Only translated phrases are included in a downloaded language.
Select the language you want to download from the picklist of all languages installed on your vBulletin site.

Select the product from the picklist of available products.

Name of the language file. We recommend including a string representing the name of the language in the file name (for example, es or Spanish for Spanish).

Your browser will prompt you for the complete path to the location where you want to store the file.

Character set used in the language file.

Include Custom Phrases (default: Yes/No)
Whether or not to include any custom phrases you have created.

Just fetch phrases (default: Yes/No)
If this option is set to Yes, no language settings are included.

After you have set your options, click the [Download] button to download.

To reset the options, click [Reset].

Import Language XML File Options

EITHER upload the XML file from your computer
File path to the file on your computer. If you leave this blank, the Language Manager assumes that you want to import the file from your server.

OR import the XML file from your server
Enter a file name complete with a server path that is relative to your main site directory.

For example, if the name of the language file is vbulletin-language.xml and you uploaded it to the install directory inside your main site directory, then the value you would enter is ./install/vbulletin-language.xml.

Overwrite Language
If you want to overwrite an existing language with the file you are uploading, select it from the picklist. Otherwise make sure (Create New Language) is selected.

Title for Uploaded Language
Name of the language as it appears on the site. If you are overwriting a language, that language will be renamed with this title; otherwise, your new language will be named with this title.

Ignore Language Version (default: Yes/No)
Whether or not to use the language even if it was created by a different version of vBulletin.
Language data generally changes from version to version. If you are importing a language from an older version, these differences may cause problems.
Read Charset from XML File (default: Yes/No)
Whether or not to read the charset setting from the file header. If this option is set to No, ISO-8859-1 is used.

After you have set your options, click the [Import] button to upload.

To reset the options, click [Reset].
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