Data Format 
Downloaded languages are in XML format. The XML for a language contains a <language> tag that provides information about the language, multiple <phrasetype> tags that denote each phrase type/group, and many <phrase> tags that describe the individual phrases.

The <phrase> tags here are very different from the <phrase> tags used in templates. An example language XML file looks like the following.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<language name="English (US)" vbversion="3.0.0">

   <phrasetype name="GLOBAL">
       <phrase name="1_day_ago"><![CDATA[1 Day Ago]]></phrase>
       <phrase name="1_hour_ago"><![CDATA[1 Hour Ago]]></phrase>

   <phrasetype name="Control Panel Global">
       <phrase name="access"><![CDATA[Access]]></phrase>
       <phrase name="access_masks"><![CDATA[Access Masks]]></phrase>
       <phrase name="add"><![CDATA[Add]]></phrase>

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