Channel Manager 
Channel Manager

The Channel Manager, accessible via Channel Management> Channel Manager, is where you can choose to do a portion of your channel management. This is in addition to the management that you can do through the Site Builder function. Unlike the Site Builder, the Channel Manager gives you an overview of all the Channels in a central location.

When you enter this section, you will be presented with a screen similar to this:

Each row in the table is a channel in the database. In the first column, Title, you will see the name of the forum; clicking the name will allow you to edit the forum’s information.

The dropdown list in the next column of the Channel Manager has several options and will take you to other parts of vBulletin. The following is a list of the options and what they do:Display Order
This controls the order in which the channels are displayed.

The options in this dropdown list allow you to view and add moderators for a channel.
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