Adding or Editing a Channel 
To add a new forum to your site in the AdminCP, go to Channel Management > Add new Channel. You will be presented with a form containing numerous settings. These settings are detailed below:

Create Channel Based off of Channel (dropdown list)
Selecting a channel from the dropdown list will copy the layout for the selected channel for the new channel.

This is the name of the channel

This is a description of the channel

Display Order
This is the display order of the channel on the main page of your site

Parent Forum
This is the channel that the channel you’re editing is listed under

Custom Style for this Forum
This is the style that the channel is using

Override Users’ Style Choice (Yes/No)
If activated, this overrides an individual user’s style choice with the style chosen for the channel

Act as Forum (Yes/No)
If activated, this option changes the channel to a category
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