Leverage your vBulletin license with these additional items!


Maintenance Service

While active, the maintenance service enables you to download and install latest updates of the vBulletin 6 software. If your maintenance service has expired, you can download software updates previously released up to the expiration date of your maintenance service.



Branding Free

vBulletin includes attribution for vBulletin in the global footer. Some sites prefer to have this removed, so their site is more clearly presented from them. This option is available at a one-time cost of USD$169.00. Branding free can be added at the time of purchase of your license, or anytime thereafter.



Premium Customer support

In addition to any support you purchased when you first obtained your vBulletin license, you can purchase additional phone and ticket support in either one-month or one-year increments as follows:

Phone and ticket support: USD329/year | USD49/month


Professional Installation/Upgrade

Our technical support team can remotely install either vBulletin 6 or vBulletin 5 Connect for you, either as a new installation or an upgrade of a previous version of vBulletin. This work only includes the basic software installation, while you’ll have to handle any desired customizations yourself.

One-time cost starting at USD149

LDAP Integration

With the LDAP Integration product, users can access vBulletin using the log in credentials provided by your LDAP Server. The product provides a seamless experience for the end-user, including automatic creation of vBulletin user accounts. This allows administrators to handle user creation from a single location in the enterprise.

One-time cost USD199

vBulletin Add-Ons



*Requires log in

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