External Data Provider 
Path to External Data Provider options: Settings > Options > External Data Provider

The External Data Provider syndicates vBulletin content to external sites using one or more of the following protocols:
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Enable External Javascript (Yes/No)
Enables Javascript-syndicated content to be displayed.

Sample call to check for new Javascript-syndicated content:
<<<Link: https://www.example.com/forum/external?type=js>>>

Enable RSS Syndication (Yes/No)
Enables RSS-syndicated content to be displayed. For example, a Trillian news plugin is being used to pick up content.

Sample call to check for new RSS-syndicated content:
<<<Link: https://www.example.com/forum/external?type=rss2>>>

Enable XML Syndication (Yes/No)
Enables XML-syndicated content to be displayed.

Sample call to check for new XML-syndicated content:
<<<Link: https://www.example.com/forum/external?type=xml>>>

Thread Cutoff (smallest value: 1; default: 30)
Number of days within which threads are selected.

If you have a busy site, choose a smaller number.

Thread Cache Lifespan (valid values: 1-1440; default: 60)
Time in minutes that thread content is cached.

The higher the value, the fewer resources are used.

Maximum External Records (default: 15)
Maximum number of records provided.
Users can add &count=X to their RSS feed request to retrieve more records.
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