Managing Usergroups 
Usergroups can be managed in the admin control panel by going to Usergroups > Usergroup Manager. This will bring you to a page that looks similar to this:

In the top table, you’ll see the usergroups that vBulletin automatically creates. These 7 groups are:Next, you will notice the Primary Users and Additional Users columns. This simply counts the number of users who have this group as their main usergroup or are a secondary member of this group, respectively.

Finally, you will see the controls column. This column provides the following options:Below this, you will see a table for any custom usergroups. Everything in this table is the same as the Default Usergroups table, except there is an additional Delete Usergroup control. If you choose to delete a usergroup, any members of the group will be moved back to Registered Users.

Finally, if you have any public usergroups, they will be displayed in a third table. Public usergroups are groups that users may join. These usergroups may be moderated if you name one or more usergroup leaders or unmoderated if you do not name any.

When a user joins a public usergroup, he or she will become a secondary member in the group and his or her permissions will change according to the rules of membership in multiple groups.

Beyond the options that are available in the previous two tables, with public usergroups, you can:
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