Checking for Updated Phrases 
When a new version of vBulletin is released, it is common for some of the default phrases to have been updated to accommodate new features or fix bugs.

If you have not customized any of your phrases, this need not concern you, but if you have customized some of the default phrases, there are a few steps you will need to follow after you have finished running all the appropriate upgrade scripts.
When running vBulletin upgrade scripts, one of the final steps imports the newest version of the default phrases.

Any phrases that you have not customized will automatically be updated to use the newest versions.

However, any phrases that you have customized will not be altered or overwritten by importing the latest phrases, hence the need for the following steps.
1Firstly, you should visit the Languages & Phrases > Find Updated Phrases page to find out which (if any) of your customized phrases may have updated default versions.

2If you find that some of your customized phrases do have updated default versions, you can either:
  • Do nothing and hope that your customized phrases will still work properly with the new vBulletin version. This is often not a problem, but sometimes the phrase may have added text to describe new functionality or have made changes that break the values in the old version.
  • Click on the [Edit] link for each phrases, and compare the contents of your customized phrase with the version available. From this page, you may either update your customized version or revert to the default version by emptying the translation field.
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