How to Create a Template 
Templates are containers for your completed pages. They contain information on how the page should look to the end-user including the modules placed and the layout chosen.

How to Create a Template
You can create a template in one of two places: the New Page form or the edit page form. The steps to create a template is integrated into the process of creating and editing a page. There is nothing special you need to do because vBulletin automatically does it for you. Let’s go over the steps again for each form. Please note that we will be going into less detail about how to create and edit a page. If you need a refresher on how that works, you can go here for new pages and here for editing existing pages.

New Page Form
Turn on the “Edit Site” button. Click on the New Page button. After adding, moving, and editing the settings of the modules you want, click on the “Save Page” button. Enter the information in for the new page, including (most importantly) a name for the template. When you have the confirmation form filled out, click the “Ok” button at the bottom of the form.

Edit Page Form.
Turn on the “Edit Site” button. Click on the Edit Page button. After making the changes you want to the page, click on the “Save Page” button. This will open a confirmation page. To create a new template (rather than saving over the old template), select the “No” radio button to the right of the Overwrite Template? question. When you do that, a field asking for a template name will appear. Name your new template and click “Ok” at the bottom of the form. This will save your template with the name you gave it.

How to Use a Template
You can use the template in two forms, the New Page Form and the Edit Page Form. Unlike creating the template, there is no difference in how to access and use the template. As always, make sure the “Edit Site” function is turned on. Click on the “New Page” button if you want to use an existing template to create a new page. If you want to modify an existing page using an existing template, navigate to the page you want to change and click the “Edit Page” button.

When your chosen form has opened, click on the “Select Template” tab. The tab will load with all existing templates in the system. Now, find the one you want to use by either searching for its name or by using the scroll bar at the bottom of the form. Clicking on the template will select it and create a preview of the layout beneath the form you’re using.

From here, you can make more changes. If you do not intend to make further changes or are done making changes, just click the “Save Page” button and follow the instructions to save the template.
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