The Ad module is used to add, display, and manage ads. Clicking the Edit icon for an Ad module opens an edit form.

This searches the existing ads for an ad that matches the term entered.

Displays the title of the ad created.

An ad with the Active? checkbox checked is active. If the checkbox is not checked, the ad is not a part of the ad rotation.

Display Order
This controls which ads are displayed first. Every ad receives a number. The number entered in the textbox determines the order in which the ad appears.

ActionAdd/Edit Form for the Ad Module

Ad title
This is the text field provided for the name of ad.

Ad HTML Code
This is the text field provided for the HTML code that goes with each individual ad.

This checkbox puts the ad into rotation.

Display Options
Display options control who sees the ad, where they see it, when they see it, and for how long.
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