Quick User Links 
Path to Quick User Links: Users > Search for Users. Enter criteria that will find a user. From the search results page, select Quick User Links.

If you are editing a user, the Quick User Links section of the User Manager opens:

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This allows you to:

Edit Forum Permissions (Access Masks)

Allows you to edit this user’s access masks.

View Forum Permissions

Shows what permissions this user has in each forum.

Send Email to User

Allows you to email this user directly using your default email program.

Email Password Reminder to User

Sends a password change request to this user.

Send Private Message to User

Brings up the form to send a private message to this user (if private messages are enabled).

Private Message Statistics

Displays the number of private messages this user has in each folder.

Delete All User’s Private Messages

Deletes all of this user’s received private messages.

Delete Private Messages Sent by User

Deletes all private messages this user has sent.

Delete Visitor Messages Sent by User

Deletes all visitor messages this user has sent.

Delete Subscriptions

Deletes all of this user’s thread subscriptions.

View IP Addresses

Displays all IP addresses that are logged for this user. Except for the IP logged at registration, IPs are only logged during posting.

View Profile

Displays this user’s public profile on the site front end.

Find Posts by User

Searches for posts made by this user.

View Infractions

View all infractions for this user.

Ban User

Allows you to ban this user from accessing the site for various timeframes.

Delete User

Allows you to remove this user from the database.

View Groups Created by User

Allows you to view groups created by this user.
User Contributed Notes: Quick User Links