Installation / Upgrading 
The Project Tools are quite simple to install or upgrade. The process is the same for each.
1Download the latest version of the Project Tools from the Members' Area. Be sure that you are running vBulletin 3.6.6 or newer!
2Unzip the file to your hard drive locally.
Be sure to maintain the directory structure when you unzip the file!
3Upload the contents of the upload/ directory within the zip on top of your existing vBulletin directory. This is the directory with forumdisplay.php and many other files in it.
If you are upgrading, overwrite any files if prompted.
4Log into your vBulletin forum's control panel. Go to Plugins & Products > Manage Products > Add/Import Product

In the Import the XML file from your server field, enter: ./includes/xml/product-vbprojecttools.xml

Change Allow Overwrite to yes.
6Click Import.
If all went well, you should see a message saying your install or upgrade was successful! That’s it!
There are more detailed instructions on how to unzip and upload files in the Installing vBulletin section. These may be helpful.

Note that there is no config.php configuration file in the Project Tools. You do not need to perform this step.
tyteen4a03 28th Oct 2010, 01:25pm
Project tools is now open-source, you can download project tools here:
joe 27th Mar 2012, 06:47pm
vBulletin 4.x version of Project Tools Open Source is availabe here: