User Profile Options 
With these options you can control how the way your users edit their profile.

Settings > Options > User Profile Options

Enabled User Profile Features
Use this option to globally enable or disable the various user profile-related features. Additional options are available for each feature in their respective sections.

Require Date of Birth
Require users to provide a valid date of birth (1902 to current year).
[note]When this is set to Yes users cannot edit their date of birth once it has been set.

User Title Maximum Characters
This is the maximum number of characters allowed for a user's custom title.

Censored Words for Usertitle
Type all words you want censored in the Usertitle in the field below. Do not use commas to separate words, just use spaces. For example, type "dog cat boy", rather than "dog, cat, boy."

If you type "dog", all words containing the string "dog" would be censored (dogma, for instance, would appear as "***ma"). To censor more accurately, you can require that censors occur only for exact words. You can do this by placing a censor word in curly braces, as in {dog}. Signifying "dog" in the curly braces would mean that dogma would appear as dogma, but dog would appear as "***". Thus your censor list may appear as: cat {dog} {barn} barn

Do not use quotation marks and make sure you use curly braces, not parentheses, when specifying exact words.

Exempt Moderators From Censor
Do you want to exempt your forum Moderators from the censor words? You will want to set this to yes if you censor anything that is part of a moderator's title like 'moderator' as they have custom titles by default and will get censored.

Number of friends to display in the small friends block
The Number of Friends to display in the Small Friends Block on the Users' Profile Pages

Friends Per Page on Full Friends List[b]
The Amount of Friends to show "per page" on the large friends list.

[b]Maximum Visitors to Show on Profile Page

Set an upper limit for the number of recent visitors to show. Recent visitor records are cleaned out on a regular basis, so keep this to a reasonably small number. Somewhere between 5 to 30 is ideal.

Show Last Post on Profile Page
Showing the last post on a member profile can cause large table scans which leads to table locking. This may increase load time on your forums as well as the load of your server. This option should only be enabled for smaller forums.

Signature Soft-Linebreak Character Limit
When counting the number of lines in a signature, this setting controls the number of characters that can be displayed before text wraps in the browser and is displayed as multiple lines. Once this value is surpassed, the run of text will be counted as multiple lines.

The value in this setting should be based on the number of normal-sized characters. Other sized characters will be scaled appropriately to this setting.

Allow Users to 'Ignore' Moderators
Allow users to add Moderators and Administrators to their ignore list?
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