Friendly URLS 
Enabling friendly URLs can increase your site's ranking in search engines and can be useful for users to understand the URL's that they follow.

URL Type
Standard URLsshowthread.php?t=12345
Basic Friendly URLsshowthread.php?1234-Thread-Title
Advanced Friendly URLsshowthread.php/1234-Thread-Title
Mod Rewrite Friendly URLsthreads/1234-Thread-Title
Note: In order to use the Mod Rewrite Friendly URLs the appropriate rewrite rules must be defined for your server. You can find a basic .htaccess file containing these rules for an Apache 2.X server in htaccess sub-folder within the the Do Not Upload folder of your download package. Upload this file to your forum root.
Default Value: Basic Friendly URLs

Enforce Canonical URL
This options defines how canonical URLs are enforced for guest users (including search engines).

If Standard is selected then guest users will be redirected to the correct URL if they request a page using the wrong Friendly URL format.

If Strict is selected then guest users will also be redirected to the correct URL if they request a page using the wrong text. This may also include requesting URLs in the wrong character set.

Default Value: Standard

Enforce Canonical URL for Registered Users
Setting this value to 'Yes' will set the 'Enforce Canonical URL' setting to also apply to registered users. Default Value: Yes

Friendly URL Unicode
This option determines how to handle unicode in URLs.

If your content generally differs from your language charset then converting to UTF-8 may provide the best results while ignoring unicode may result in the majority of your URLs displaying incorrectly.

If the majority of your content matches your language charset then stripping unicode may provide the best results. Ignoring unicode may cause some URLs to display incorrectly.

Default Value: Ignore

NCR Encode UTF-8 URLs for IE
This option determines whether to NCR encode URLs for Internet Explorer when Friendly URL Unicode is set to Convert to UTF-8.

This will ensure that UTF-8 URLs display correctly in Internet Explorer. However it will add some performance overhead and if Enforce Canonical URL is set to Strict may cause guest users to be redirected to a URL that cannot be displayed correctly in Internet Explorer's address bar.

Note: This option can only be used if the mbstring extension is enabled, or if your PCRE has unicode support.

Default Value: No

Standard URL Routing Variable
The variable to use in the URL when using Standard URLs. Ensure that this is not set to a variable used elsewhere by vBulletin. Default Value: r
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