3) Transferring to the New Server 
1Telnet/SSH into machine1 if you have not already.
Replace MACHINE2 with the host name (www.example.com) or IP address ( of the new server.

You should be prompted for a username and password. This is the username and password that you use to login via FTP to your new server.
3Type the following:
Here you should change:
  • /PATH/TO/NEW/DIRECTORY – this is the path to the directory in which you want to place the database backup. If you are unsure what to specify here, you can usually omit the entire cd /PATH/TO/NEWDIRECTORY/ command.
  • /PATH/TO/DUMP.SQL – this is the same path that you specified in step 1.
4Once these commands have finished, type:
5Verify that DUMP.SQL is in /PATH/TO/NEW/DIRECTORY on the new server.
Tom Troceen 22nd Dec 2005, 08:49pm
I find it easier to use this command when moving data between servers:

scp filename username@ipaddress:/path/to/whereever

[Note: This is only aavailable on servers with scp installed.]
Dan Fuhry 17th Oct 2006, 12:29am
Some servers - such as the ones managed by SourceForge.net - do not permit outbound connections to the Internet. If your home computer runs Windows, you can use the free PSCP utility <http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/pscp.exe> to copy the database backup file from your original server to your Windows box. If your home computer runs Linux, then use the "scp" utility included with most decent distributions to copy the file. You can then use FTP or SCP to transfer the file to the second server.