Restoring The Database via phpMyAdmin 
For purposes of this instruction,I am using phpMyAdmin version 2.5.6-rc1.

Go to phpMyAdmin in your web broswer and select the database you wish to back up by clicking on the name. If you have multiple databases, you will need to select the name from the drop menu.

In the right-hand frame, you will see a row of links. Click [SQL]

You will see a large input box for queries and below that you will see a smaller box labeled Browse.

Click the [Browse] button, navigate to and select the backup file on your home computer and click the [Go].
There are sometimes file size limitations on importing a database backup this way. If your database is too large, you might encounter PHP timeout errors. In that case, you will need to attempt to restore your database via SSH/Telnet.
Samir 08th Sep 2009, 03:24pm
I've run into a mysql timeout upon restoration each time, and each time forgot what I changed to fix the problem. php.ini and my.ini hold certain variables that need to be changed if you are having memory problems. I believe this results in mysql error 2006. Here's a good document on error 2006 and fixes:

In php.ini upload_max_filesize is one of the variables that was giving me trouble. This should be at least as large as your .sql or .gz file.

Also in php.ini post_max_size may give problems. Mine was already set to a size larger than my db, so I don't think this affected my issue, but it could be affecting yours.

Next is the my.ini file. max_allowed_packet caused me problems here. I increased this to 16m from 1m and was able to successfully import my db.