Path to Add New Promotion: Usergroups > Promotions

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Any existing promotions are listed. Click a promotion name to edit it.

To add a promotion, click Add New Promotion.

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The promotion criteria are listed below.
You must click Save for changes to take effect.
Select a usergroup from the picklist.

Reputation Level
Enter a number that represents the required reputation level.

Days Registered
Enter the required number of days since registration.

Enter the required number of posts.

Promotion Strategy
Select from the picklist the promotion strategy (for example, Posts, Join Date, Reputation, or various combinations of criteria).

Promotion Type
Type of promotion that the user is to receive.

Select Primary Usergroup to change the user's main usergroup to this group or select Additional Usergroups to add this group to the user's additional usergroups.

Reputation Comparison Type
Select Greater Than or Equal or Less Than.

This option applies only to reputation and only when reputation has been selected as part of the Promotion Strategy option.

Move User to Usergroup
Select from the picklist the usergroup to which the user will be promoted.
Promotions are evaluated based on the time period defined in the Scheduled Tasks section. The default is every hour.
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