Join Requests 
Path to Join Requests: Usergroups > Join Requests

Use the Join Requests page to manage join requests for moderated, public usergroups. If you enter directly (Usergroups > Join Requests), you are prompted to select a usergroup whose requests you want to see. If you enter through Usergroups > Usergroup Manager > View Join Requests link, you are taken directly to the join requests for a group.

Once you have selected a usergroup, you go to a page similar to the following:

<<<Insert a screenshot of the Join Request page>>>

Each outstanding join request is listed on this page. Selecting Accept will add this user to the group; Deny will remove the request, preventing the user from joining the group; and Ignore leaves the request as-is. Additionally, you can click Accept, Deny, and Ignore to select an option for each request.
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