Message Posting and Editing Options 
Path to Message Posting and Editing Options: Settings > Options > Message Posting and Editing Options

Following are the Message Posting and Editing Options.
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Multi-Quote Enabled (Yes/No)
Whether or not Multi-Quote is enabled.

If this option is enabled, an additional button appears on replies. Users can click as many of these buttons as they want. Once they click a reply button, the content of each of the selected replies is quoted and shown in the reply window.

Multi-Quote Quote Limit (default: 0)
Enter a value to limit the number of quotes that can be created with Multi-Quote. Once this limit is reached the user cannot add any more quotes.
The Quote BB code can still be entered manually: this is not a limit on the number of quotes in a reply post.
Minimum Characters Per Post (default: 10)
If this number is set to a value greater than 0, users must enter at least that number of characters in each new reply post.
Setting this to 0 will not completely disable the minimum characters per reply check. Users must always enter at least 1 character.
Maximum Characters Per Post (default: 10000)
Replies that contain more characters than the value specified here will be rejected with a message telling the user to shorten the post.

Set the value to 0 to disable this function.

Maximum Characters Per Thread/Post Title (default: 85)
Maximum number of characters in topic and reply titles.

Enter a value larger than 0 and less than 251.

Ignore Words in [QUOTE] Tags For Min Chars Check (Yes/No)
Setting this option to Yes causes the system to not count words in quote tags towards the total number of characters posted.

If you enable this option, all text within quote tags in a reply will be ignored when determining how many characters that post has. Some users like to quote large replies and add a smiley or some other small bit of text as a response, and this prevents that.

Users can specify their own title if they want to do so.

Maximum Images/Videos Per Post (default: 3)
Maximum number of images or videos per reply..

Set the value to 0 to disable this function.

Prevent 'SHOUTING' (default: 3)
Prevents users from using all uppercase letters in their topic titles or message text by changing all-uppercase text with at least the number of characters specified from all caps to camelcase (initial caps only).

Set the value to 0 to disable this function.
Disable this for some international forums with non-English character sets, as this may cause problems.
Minimum Time Between Posts (default: 30)
Minimum number of seconds between replies from a single user.

This option enables a floodcheck, which disallows users from posting another reply within the timespan specified.

For example, if you specify a timespan of 30 seconds, a user cannot reply again within 30 seconds of the last reply.
Administrators and moderators are exempt from any floodcheck.
Enter 0 to disable this function.

Time Limit on Editing of Thread Title (default: 5)
Time limit in minutes within which the topic title can be edited by the user who started the topic.

Time Limit on Adding a Poll to a Thread (default: 0)
Number of minutes after which a user cannot a poll to a topic he or she just created.

Administrators and moderators with the “caneditpoll” permission can always add a poll to a topic after thetopic is created.

Time Limit on Editing of Posts (default: 0)
Number of minutes after which a user cannot continue to edit a given message.

After this time limit only moderators are able edit or delete the message.
1 day is 1440 minutes.
Set the value to 0 to allow users to edit their posts indefinitely.

Time to Wait Before Starting to Display 'Last Edited by...' (default: 2)
Number of minutes after which a "Last edited by..." message appears at the bottom of the edited reply.

Log IP AddressesFor security reasons, we recommend displaying the IP address of the person posting a message.

Post Edit History (Yes/No)
Whether or not to log the previous versions of replies when they are edited.

Edits are be logged if an “edited by” notice is not displayed or updated. This occurs in the following situations:
This increases the amount of disk space used by vBulletin for database storage.
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