The Database cleanup & restart appears at the top of very ImpEx page, you can also browse to it directly if there is an error with ImpEx, by going to , assuming that you board is installed in the directory forum/ on your web site.

There are four options on the help page.

To cancel and return to the import, click here.

Clicking on this will send you back to the ImpEx main page.

Delete Session
To delete the import session and continue with the import, click here.

This will remove the import session. The import session contains the state of the import, the page values, paths, system selected etc. Deleting this will effectually reset the import though it will not alter any imported data in the target database.

Delete Session and all imported data
To delete the import session and all imported data for a clean retry, click here.

This will delete the session, as described above, also it will delete all imported data in the target database. This will also include any associated users, as an associated user will be assigned and importuserid and will effectively be treated as an imported user.

Remove importids
To delete the importid's in the database, click here, also removes the session. This will allow you to do consecutive imports

This will remove the importid's from the tables that have been imported into, see this section for more information.

Remove duplicate forums/threads/posts

On occasion when a browser stalls or a page fails to load you will have to refresh the page, this will mean that duplicate items will be imported, as the page will rerun the SQL from the last page load.

The duplicate items will have the same import<item>id but they will have different id's within vBulletin due to the auto_inc field, because of that ImpEx can find items that have the same import id, but a different vBulletin id, i.e. :

Thread A : threadid = 1 importthreadid = 5.
Thread B : threadid = 2 importthreadid = 5.

B must be a duplicate.

Running this function on a database that has had multi-imports which hasn't been finalised between imports could possibly remove a large percentage of the previous import, so ensure you finalise multi-imports before performing consecutive ones.
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