Final Import Steps 
An import will only ever get a certain amount of information from a source board into vBulletin.

Always check the permissions of moderators and forums after an import as there may not be a one to one mapping from the source boards permissions to vBulletin's permissions system.

Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Show All Moderators -> Edit

Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Permissions

Forum cache

To rebuild the forum cache so your imported forums appear, go to your forum manager and save the display.


Update the Threads and Forums counters after an import to reflect the true values for each forum and thread.

Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Thread Information
Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Forum Information

Default forum

If you are importing into a fresh install of vBulletin, you may want to delete the default forum, it is advised that you do this before the import, if you are doing it after the import make sure that the imported forums and threads are not contained with in the default forum as they will be removed also.

User groups

Most importers will import the usergroups or create a default import usergroup, this is so you can check the users being imported and manage them accordingly, to move users to the default Registered Users group in vBulletin, delete the import group they are in and all the users will be moved to the Registered Users group by default.

Even with a vBulletin to vBulletin import the groups are created again, this is so you can manage the new users accordingly, in some cases you will need to keep the new users separate depending on the nature of your community to manage them.

Be sure to double-check the main Usergroup permissions to make sure they match what you want:

Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup

Search index

You will need to rebuild the search index if you want to be able to search on the imported posts.

Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Search Index

Remove the ImpEx files

Once you have finished and completed an import and your site is up and running, delete all the ImpEx files, this will ensure that if you do another import in the future you will get the latest version, as you will have to download ImpEx again.

Secondly, its good house keeping to remove an application that has your database config details and direct access to your site from your server once you have finished using it.
Colin 20th Apr 2005, 11:11am
Some other comments after importing:

Any guest users or anonymous users can be deleted (iirc, IPB has one), as vBulletin does not have such a "guest-user".

If you have imported usergroups, you might want to move the users to the default usergroups that vBulletin uses.
The default Usergroups are the ones that are shown in the top box of the usergroup manager in the ACP.

Another thing: You'll probably want to resend the activation emails for Users awaiting Email Confirmation, as the activation codes from your previous forum software aren't imported, and you most likely don't want to loose that user :)
Roland 20th Apr 2005, 11:11am
You no longer need to manually remove importIDs after an import, a tool with a link in the impex admin panel can do it.
Ivan 14th Sep 2011, 12:59am
If you have imported some posts or message threads in a 3tier importer, probably you will need to rewrite all the messsages manually, as html is imported 'as is' in the text message, making it unusable