Image Verification 

Image Verification Options

The difficulty of the image verification image can be controlled with these settings. The more options that are enabled, the more difficult it will be for your users to identify the text. Enabling a setting will cause that option to be applied to each character.The fonts and the background images that are used for Image Verification can easily be changed. Making your image verification unique is key to making it successful. The fonts are located in the images/regimage/fonts directory of your forum. You may upload any .TTF (True Type Font) here. Image Verification will immediately begin to use your font. The background images are located in the images/regimage/backgrounds directory of your forum. You should use 201x61 pixel jpg images for backgrounds. Uploaded background images will immediately by used by your forum.

Image Verification Library

vBulletin provides two options for generating the dynamic image verification image.

The first is GD, which is bundled with PHP 4.3.0 and later. The GD v2+ library is required along with having PHP compiled with freetype2 support. Having PHP compiled with freetype1 will sometimes result in the font not displaying.

The second supported library is ImageMagick v6 by ImageMagick Studio LLC. ImageMagick is an executable binary that must be installed at the server level to be called by PHP. Only the identify and convert binaries from ImageMagick are required by vBulletin. Imagemagick must be compiled with Freetype support in order to display the proper image verification.
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