Setting-up a MySQL Database in Ensim 
There are 2 possible ways to set up a MySQL database in Ensim. In most Ensim configurations, you will have links on the left as well as icons on the main screen. Some hosts, however, don't use the icon set up, so I will cover both.

When you load your control panel you should see something resembling the screen in the following figure. Most people will click the [MySQL Admin Tool] link next to the icon. Others may have to click the [Services] link in the left side nav panel.

If you had to use the [Services] link in the left side nav panel, you will see the following screen:

Click the following button in the row labeled [MySQL]

This will bring up the following screen:

Click the [Create Database] link.

This will bring the screen where you create the database:

Type the database name you want in the blank and click the [Save]. This will create your database and take you to the main database screen. You should see the database you created listed on the screen.

Most Ensim installations will prefix the database name with [yourdomain_com_-_] so if you choose [forums] as your database name, the actual name of the database may be [yourdomain_com_-_forums]
Also, Ensim will use the same username and password for the database username and password that you use for your main account login.
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