Backup / Restore Options 
From the main vBulletin Options section, there is the ability to backup the options of each product including vBulletin itself.

This is useful when backing up a board or moving an install from one site to another, or for replicating a board from a test environment to a live site, or visa versa for testing purposes.

To download and back the settings, choose the product you wish to download from the select list and click backup.

To restore either upload the XML file from your computer or restore the XML file from your server, do that by either locating the file to upload then clicking restore or giving the path to the XML settings file on your local server, then clicking restore.

Blacklisted settings by default are ignore, though you can override that with the option during restore.

Blacklisted options are ignore because they are specific to the server and local settings and will need to be changed when moved so its better to use the local setting of the server you are restoring to, by default the following are blacklisted :Settings can be added and removed from the blacklist in debug mode.
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