Moving Attachments to the Database 
Moving attachments from the file system to the database follows the same process as moving from the database to the file system except for the first step.

If you have attachments stored in the file system, you will be presented with two options rather than the one listed above for moving to the file system.

You can either Move attachments back to the database or Move attachments to a new directory.

If you are moving attachments back to the database, review the steps listed in the previous section as they are the same for the most part. The only difference is that at the end of the process, you will not be asked to confirm the move.

If you wish to move attachments to a new directory, choose the Move Items to a Different Directory option and press [Go]. You will be presented with a screen asking your for a pathname, displaying the current attachment directory. Enter your new directory and press [Ok].
This step does not create the new directory, nor does it actually move the attachments. It simply changes the directory that vBulletin looks for attachments in. You must create the directory, give it proper permissions (as detailed in the previous section), and then move the attachments manually.
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