Issuing User Infractions 
There are two kinds of infractions you can issue to users after you have completed the setup in the Admin CP:To see a user’s list of infractions (current and historical), go to the user’s profile and locate the Infractions form, which shows a summary and allows you to add infractions.

To see more detail and search using various filtering criteria, click [View].

To give an infraction for a particular offending reply, click the Yellow Card / Red Card icon. (The location of the icon varies depending on your Postbit layout and style.)

By default it looks like the following.

<<<Insert a screenshot of of the Yellow Card / Red Card icon.>>>

After you select an infraction type to assign to the user, the Infraction screen opens.

In the Infraction screen, you can select the specific infraction to issue, add an administrative note and send a message to the user.
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