Adding or Editing a Prefix 
Path to add new prefixes: Topic Prefixes > Topic Prefix Manager > click Add Prefix next to the Topic Prefix Set

Once you have created a prefix set, you may add any number of prefixes to that set. If a thread has a prefix applied to it, the prefix will show anywhere the thread title shows. For that reason, you must define two versions of the prefix: a plain text version and a rich text version. See below for more information.

The following options are on the page for adding/editing a prefix set:If the topic title is a link to view the topic, the prefix will generally not be linked. However, the prefix will be included in the link if the topic title is used in the navigation bar.

Prefixes will also be placed directly before a thread title, with only a space separating them. For this reason, you will probably want to include something to make the prefix stand out from the title. In the rich text value, this could be color, italics, or an image (For Sale). However, in the plain text version, you may need to include a colon or square brackets ("For Sale:" or "[For Sale]").
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