Show All Additional Users 
Path to Show all Additional Users: Usergroups > Usergroup Manager, then select Show All Additional Users in the dropdown for a given usergroup in the Controls column.
Users can be in multiple usergroups. They can have one primary usergroup and many secondary usergroups. “Additional Users” are those with that usergroup as their secondary usergroup.
<<<Insert screenshot of the Default Usergroups form or Custom Usergroups form with Show All Additional Users selected in the Controls column.>>>

The Show All Additional Users control displays a “Showing User” form that lists all users who are Additional users in the specified usergroup.

<<<Insert screenshot that shows the beginning of the “Showing User” form.>>>

Showing Users Output

The list has several columns. The columns are:

User Name
If you click on the user name, you will be transferred to the Edit User page for that user.

Clicking the email address allows you to email that user.

Join Date
The date the user joined the usergroup.

Last Activity
The date the user was last active in the usergroup.

Post Count
The post count for this user.

Here you can select from a pulldown list to do one of the following:
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